About Us

ECS is funded and managed by Mike Salehi who graduated with bachelor’s degree in building and construction project management.

He boasts over 20 year’s experience in the Building and construction sector, with considerable experience in project management and design consulting. Mike has been working and involved in different fields of the construction sector during his career, with a great eye for the details.

Why Us

ECS is specifically skilled, equipped and resourced to manage small refurbishments activity including services upgrades from a few thousand dollars up to multi million, refurbishments and upgrades. Our teams are handpicked to work with the clients on residential projects, to midsize commercial projects. We are fully compliant with all the WHS regulations, carry out risk assessments and toolbox talks/meetings.

Our Difference

ECS NSW has demolished the traditional subby on subby approach by directly employing the trades under ECS , where having the relevant contractor licenses and certificate is mandatory.

At ECS, our team of trades has the skill and experience to handle all types of maintenance aspect of your project

Our Approach

We work with you to plan exactly what your objectives and expectations are, we will include detail contract and job specification before any work is done to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Our reputation for quality and professionalism within the industry has enabled ECS to develop a strong network of repeat business that has formed the bedrock of our success. We believe in developing solid working relationships with our clients with an aim to delivering smarter, more efficient and cost-effective projects.

Our Values

Work, Health & Safety

On Budget, On Time

Quality & Consistency

On Budget, On Time

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