ECS has been working with strata, property managers, private clients, and builders on variety of project to accomplish common goals and provide outstanding results for our clients.

ECS can also be a one stop shop for our strata partners where we can provide them with all required trade and maintenance services to keep their executive committees satisfied and their premises maintenance free.

At ECS we understand the importance of clear and effective communication between strata mangers and executive committees, therefore we can guarantee that, our team office admin and consultant on site will provide weekly update to all parties involved to remove any confusion during the maintenance and building work of client premises.

Building Maintenance

ECS can provide both preventative and routine maintenance for your building. Our team of trades can repair and upgrade your building needs within given budget and time frame.

As part of our maintenance service we will generate an initial condition report for executive committee and their strata manager appointing to the area that needs urgent attention which then we can provide a schedule to accommodate all repairs and maintenance based on their priority.

Sinking Fund Plan

Sinking Fund Plans are vital for the life of your building, as well as meeting legislative requirement. The Strata Schemes Act 2006 and Regulation requires all strata schemes to prepare and implement a Sinking Fund Plan and to update at most, every 5 years.

Preparing and implementing a Sinking Fund Plan allows owners to predict and budget for future maintenance expenses for the property. It allows the strata scheme to ensure that they have enough money saved to cover the cost of major works taking the focus from whether the maintenance is required.

Compliance And Safety Reports

Safety is more than WHS, it’s about managing your risk and under common law, a Strata Scheme has a duty of care and must take reasonable care to ensure that anyone, including owners, tenants, visitors and even trespassers, who come onto the premises, is not injured.

ECS inspects the premises of your building and generates a report identifying the risks, followed by the expert recommendations in order to protect executive committee from litigation matters and to drive the cost of maintenance down.

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On Budget, On Time

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